Sustainability and staying local is at the heart of what we do

We are proud to say that all our fragrances are hand blended. In the words of our partners: "Respect for nature’s systems and how we can harmoniously create within them is at the core of everything we do, from formulation and choosing raw materials, to manufacturing, packaging and distribution."

Packed with a plethora of health benefits, our range is infused with a unique 100% natural blend of eight essential oils. The concept behind C.Atherley is that each fragrance will match back to a particular plant.  The first one selected was the Radens variety. From greenhouse to bottle, introducing Geranium No.1. 

100% Natural Fragrance

All fragrances that we create are 100% natural. Unlike synthetic fragrances, that are concocted in a laboratory, our natural fragrances only contain ingredients such as essential oils and botanicals extracted from a pure, natural source.

Responsibly Made

As a brand specialising in natural body care with products made only from distinctive geranium fragrances, sustainability and staying local are at the heart of the C.Atherley philosophy. All natural ingredients are certified vegan and are fully traceable, while packaging is primarily glass, recycled plastic or aluminium that can be reused, refilled or recycled. Our aim is to work with local partners so that our products and our people don’t have to travel long distances.

The brand is formulated and bottled in the countryside and is British through and through with our origins in the Cotswolds. Products are produced in small batches for optimum freshness, while fragrance is developed and hand-blended by a master perfumer in nearby Somerset.

We work closely with our supply chains ensuring the highest standards of quality and ethics are met, only working with traceable raw materials which meet the highest criteria of sustainability and excluding any ingredients linked to exploitation or cruelty. We have ensured that none of the products we make are harmful in any way to humans or animals.

The products are also 100% vegan and PETA certified, so do not include any animal derived substances and have not been tested on animals. All products are 100% GMO free, which means they have not been made using any bioengineering, genetic engineering and/or modern biotechnology.

Packaging With Purpose

A lot of thought and research has gone into to the composition and disposal of our packaging. We use glass as the main material for bottling, where possible, throughout the range because it is widely recyclable, just like our aluminium refill bottles.

Prevented Ocean Plastic (POP) is a plastics initiative from Bantam Materials that supplies the rest of the bottles that we use. POP is recycled plastic collected from at-risk coastal communities in areas that do not benefit from established recycling infrastructures. This programme is the most extensive initiative of its kind preventing over 1,000 tonnes of plastic entering the ocean every month. It also provides a global recycling initiative to help tens of thousands worldwide earn a reliable income, cleaning their coastlines.

Where possible, our bottle tops are made from PCR plastic. This is made from recycled plastic that can be widely recycled and then reprocessed into a resin, which is used to create new packaging. Giving packaging a second life, this process reduces the amount of plastic waste. We use paper that is both recycled and recyclable for our leaflets, while all our boxes are fully recyclable, right down to the coating.

At C.Atherley, mindfulness about our environmental responsibility underpins every decision and every part of every product that we make.